The Peele

Gamechanging design brief to challenge the healthcare sector

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Equilibrium Healthcare
Define Architects
Wythenshawe, Manchester
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Creating something special that will stand the test of time

We love these challenges.  Our client owns and operates care homes and they wanted a completely fresh approach.  Appointed across our three core service lines allowed us to take full control over the project and ensure that we were shaping it into something special.

Working in collaboration with Define architects, we created a proposal that offered space age design mixed with end user focused technology with an eye on usability and future operation.

Enabl successfully managed the planning application through to determination and has procured a main contractor for the delivery stage working through a detailed phasing strategy to allow early occupation of wings whilst works take place onsite.

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Collaborating across the disciplines to create an inclusive environment

Our initial approach for the re-design has been to firstly think about the residents at The Peele, our focus being the process around designing for dementia and people with sight loss. As a population which is getting progressively younger in later care, creating a space which is timeless and will stand the test of time is paramount for the success of the project.

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A much needed service
in an in demand location


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