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We see the big picture and never overlook the details.

The numerous bodies involved in town planning can make a project seem daunting, complex, and convoluted. Thanks to our collaborative approach, these challenges turn into opportunities. We aim to be flexible, adaptable, and open to facilitate prompt onward steps, but always with your vision at the forefront.

We support our clients from early concept decision-making to delivery, providing comprehensive support to navigate the technical and policy requirements throughout the planning system. Strategic lateral thinking means we identify and anticipate new avenues of opportunity to ensure your objectives and aspirations are met.

Accredited planning consultants with a fresh, collaborative approach.

Obscure legislation, policies that vary from region to region, and complex compliance regulations—navigating town planning can feel perplexing and stressful. How do you know if you're missing vital steps? Will you meet your project's strict deadlines? Are there risks you simply don't have sight of? We're qualified experts in all these matters, engaging the local planning authority, handling public consultation, and making informed decisions with your best interests in clear view. 

Work with us on town planning and we will: 

  • Identify potential site opportunities informed by tech insights.

  • Undertaking site appraisals and providing the proper responses.

  • Pre-application engagement with the local planning authority.

  • Managing public consultation and input on planning applications.

  • Strategic development advice and guidance throughout the process.

  • Securing planning permission of the proposed development. 

We draw together external factors like environmental considerations, health and safety compliance, and internal factors like time and budget constraints to form a clear picture of exactly where you stand with your proposal. Cutting-edge digital tools allow us to spatially understand potential physical constraints and opportunities alongside policy requirements while collaborating with architects and other designers gives us the best scope of informed responses at every stage of the project.

Services include:
  • Planning applications
  • Planning Project Management
  • Strategic Development Advisory
  • Site Appraisals
  • Site Finding
  • Public consultation
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Frequently asked

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What is planning?

Town planning is a plan-led process wherein decisions are made about using publicly owned land. Changes or development on the land might be proposed, and local authorities and other public bodies determine whether these proposals should be brought forwards in compliance or for material considerations which allow them to be carried forwards despite conflicts with the development plan.

Town planning can be a complex process with multiple third parties involved and elaborate steps to consider. We provide guidance and support to our clients to navigate town planning.

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How can a planning consultant help me with my project?

It all starts with a discussion. Send us a message or give us a call to arrange an initial conversation. Given our strategic approach we want to understand your requirements and how we can support you through this process so you may benefit from our knowledge base and the pool of collaborators we work with across the industry. Our belief is that the best projects are delivered with careful consideration and collaboration across all of the supporting consultants and the local authority.

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What are the advantages of a planning consultant?

We provide over-arching advice and guidance throughout your engagement with the planning system. All your requirements, limitations, and technical considerations will be taken into account to support collaboration and facilitate the delivery of your project.

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How do we get started?

We start with a discovery session to gather all the information we need about your upcoming project. This will allow us to get to know you and your business better so we can draw up a plan that works for you, considering all your resources, objectives, and limitations.

Our approach is strategic, and we want to understand all the details of your requirements and limitations. You benefit from our knowledge base and pool of collaborative partners as we believe that successful planning results from careful consideration and collaboration across all of the supporting consultants and the local authority.

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