Cost management

Uncover hidden opportunities and lift your project to new heights.

Let's make your vision a reality. Through cost management, we guide our clients around risks and challenges with realistic resource assessment and detailed budget planning. We maximise your project’s potential and put to bed any worries about overstretching or overspending.

Our cost management consultants approach your budget in a proactive way. Instead of being controlled by costs, we view them as opportunities and seek innovative ways to use them to their highest potential. Looking at the bigger picture, we assess how costs impact your business and future projects to help you reach greater objectives and goals.

Actualising your project’s full potential.

Getting the most out of your budget is the first thing on most clients' minds, and we couldn't be more understanding. That's why cost management is an important part of our work. By estimating and allocating budgets, we can better understand how far we can take your project while ensuring you stay in control of outgoings. Cost management services include:

  • Pre-construction tasks, including drawing up a schedule of costs along the project's RIBA design stages and identifying and exploring the viability of alternative designs, methods, and packages.
  • During construction, administering contracts. and preparing valuations of completed works
  • Overseeing cost submissions, contracts, tenders, and engineering exercises to optimise
    the use of budget.
  • During construction, review of contracts. Creating valuations of completed works and monitoring on-site progress.
  • Overseeing the cost position throughout the build and liaising between the client, professional teams, contractors, and surveyors to guide negotiations.
  • Post-construction, inspecting works, creating and following up on snagging reports, and following through on resolutions raised through the Certificate of Making Good Defects.
  • Negotiation of settlement of the account under all building and supply contracts and preparing a reconciliation of final construction costs.

A detailed budget is the only way to allocate resources effectively and get a development project off the ground efficiently. Cost management means you can trust the process and go into a development project with complete security, knowing you have sight of all upcoming expenses. Through our projected costs, we can predict future expenses so that if there are any bumps along the road, they're already anticipated.

Services include:
  • Resource allocation
  • Cost budgeting
  • Negotiation
  • Cost control
  • Fund Monitoring
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What is cost management?

Cost management is the process of developing carefully calculated budgets and carefully controlling them through key project stages, testing the key packages to ensure affordable and buildable when moving into the delivery stage.  

We then navigate the procurement and align a contractors pricing to ours, collaboratively, to minimise any cost gaps during construction.

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What are the advantages of cost management?

Simply put, cost management ensures you don’t go over budget. But it’s not just this that makes cost management necessary for any successful build project. Careful cost planning can identify new opportunities to get more out of your budget and help you optimise cost planning in the future.

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How do we get started?

It all starts with a discussion. Send us a message or give us a call to book an introductory session. We don’t just want to get to know your budget, we want to understand your business and team too. Learning how you operate enables us to work alongside you and provides a stress-free experience.

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