Royal Canal Works

A win-win spotted thanks to our multi-angle approach to property development

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Heatley Developments
Cert Property
Royal Canal Works, Manchester
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A residential build harking from industrial roots in Stretford’s emerging modern centre.

Royal Canal Works was made possible by a bespoke agreement that benefited all the

parties who found themselves in a fix before enabl entered the scene. Our long-standing client, developer Cert Property, faced a challenge appraising the site in progress, with the pressure to meet the council’s affordable home requirement. Our expert planning division identified an opportunity to introduce client Southway housing association, who acquired part of the site on a land and package deal. Throughout the negotiation, enabl facilitated each step effortlessly, including:

  • Identification of the unique opportunity.
  • Provision of strategic advice, including management of all new planning applications.
  • The enabl cost management team acting for housing association Southway throughout delivery, including...
  • Negotiation of commercial terms.
  • Preparation of the new contact.

This strategic deal allowed Cert Property to offload part of its site and, in doing so, comply with the affordable housing requirement. Thanks to enabl's intervention, the developers benefited from the property sale whilst remaining involved through their contractor partner facilitating the build. This allowed them to proceed with their town housing scheme on the remainder of the site.

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We find
the hidden solutions.

Through our joined-up approach, we found a solution that was otherwise missed. The result: affordable housing and a beneficial solution for all parties involved.

We didn't stop at planning advice. We strategically navigated towards the solution, supporting each party and guiding negotiations throughout delivery.

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Affordable canal-side
living for all.

Starting with the Bridgewater Canal acting as the artery to Manchester's industrial boom, the canal network of Britain has been a distinct and iconic facet of its culture.

The new Royal Canal Works site is located on the banks of the canal in the heart of Stretford, sweeping it into the modern age whilst retaining a whisper of its rich industrial history.


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