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Optioneering the different hotel brandsto optimise our clients decision making

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Early stage testing

We were brought in early to help the client understand the costs relating to the different hotel brands being considered for the repurposing of an old Royal Mail sorting office.  To do this, we diligently broke down all of the brand standards and engaged suppliers around the world to help inform real life costs for the different brands.  Going into a significant level of detail early allowed us to properly optioneer ensuring that the developer made the most commercially advantageous decision.

The developer selected a brand that will be a first in the UK which is placing us at the forefront of the future planned roll out.  Having liaised closely with our overseas counterparts we are confident that we have captured every detail helping to avoid last minute surprises.

We're continuing to act as Cost Managers helping to guide design decisions and take the lead on procurement strategies, risk management and control the outturn cost.

The hotel is the first phase of the redevelopment and we are also starting to plan for phase 2 - c180 residential units.

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We got involved early
and package tested

As part of our early appointment, we engaged demolition contractors to inform suitable budgets for the strip out, removal of asbestos and planned phased demolition.

We didn't stop there.  We spoke to suppliers overseas to ensure that we were obtaining real life costs to feed into our day one cost estimate.

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Part of a wider 

The hotel is the first phase of the redevelopment and we are also working through coordinating the hotel package with the residential - to ensure we don't trip ourselves up.

This requires careful consideration and joined up thinking to ensure that the hotel development doesn't preclude commencement of the residential phase of works.


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