Okell Drive

A high-quality design led residentialscheme to set an aspirational precedent 

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Falconer Chester Hall
Gormac Developments Ltd
Okell Drive, Knowsley
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Planning support

Enabl were appointed in July 2022 to provide planning support for the proposed development of nine dwellinghouses on the site of a vacant community facility in an opportune location along Okell Drive, Knowsley.

Enabl alongside Falconer Chester Hall were responsible for providing an initial scope across the site in terms of quantum of residential dwellings as well as layout and early stage design, which was presented to the Local Planning Authority in the form pre application engagement.

Following a positive response from the Council, Enabl were responsible for the procurement of co-consultants, on behalf of the client, in order to provide a comprehensive and bespoke set of surveys and reports to respond to the specific constraints and particulars of the site and support the formal planning application which was submitted December 2023. 

Following validation of the planning application in early January 2024, the application is currently in the process of being assessed by the Local Planning Authority.

The development proposal provides what is a high-quality residential scheme intended to raise the bar in terms of design precedent in the locality, providing an aspirational living experience for future residents. 


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The challenges and how they were overcome

The scheme did not come without its challenges which needed to be overcome as a result of specific site constraints and particulars. These are highlighted below:

  • The development site was located in between the existing residential stock of the locality and Halewood Park which required specific sensitive design of the dwellings as well as a response to the layout on site which complemented the openness and backdrop of the park to the rear of the site.
  • Given that the proposed development resulted in the loss of a community asset on site, specific justification for the loss of the community assets was justified in line with local and national policy using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to show the location of other public houses in the immediate area.


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